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Griffith Hall

“The Robinsons really care about their residents! I’ve never lived in such a homey apartment before, feeling both safe and well-supported by those around me. Griffith Hall provides easy access to campus, downtown L.A., and great nearby food! As a USC graduate student, it is everything I need!”

Wallace House

“My first time living away from home, I couldn’t have made a better decision than choosing Robinson Residences. The historic Wallace House boasts spacious bedrooms that provide me plenty of personal space. And on hot, summer days, there’s nothing better than doing my work on the front porch, facing the wide open front yard. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Robinson Residences to anyone!”

Arabella’s House

“Arabella’s House is the first college residence that has actually felt like home to me. Unlike many of the temporary apartments around campus, this house has a history and a unique charm that makes it an ideal place for a student who wants to feel at home during the school year. The kitchen is huge and has plenty of space for cooking and socializing with housemates, and 23rd Street Cafe is right around the corner! Free parking has also been a huge plus. I would definitely want to stay here again if I were living in Los Angeles for another year.”

Montgomery House

“The Robinsons were the first, and only, landlords I met in the four years who really cared about my comfort and experience as a resident. The Robinsons are respectful and responsive and punctual in responding to our needs. They are genuinely nice people and I feel lucky to live in property managed by them.

“The block that our house is on is a great place to live as a student. Unlike the other blocks I have lived on, the street is almost entirely populated by families and feels incredibly safe. Kids from the neighborhood play sports in the street, and the neighbors grill and hang out in their front yards often.

“The house itself is beautiful. The Robinson Residences do an incredible job maintaining the property and between the always trimmed lawn and the well-preserved woodwork inside it really shows. The Montgomery House is incredibly spacious. I never feel at a loss for privacy and my roommates and I hang out with friends in the common areas all the time.

“Rosa, the housekeeper whose weekly services the Robinsons pay for for our house, has liberated us from the dirt and grime I have come to associate with collective living while at school, while encouraging me and my roommates to develop cleaner habits. The yard out front and behind is another great part of the house; my roommates and I never worry about parking or having a little outdoor space.

“The heat and air conditioning with which all rooms are equipped make the house incredibly comfortable. When I found out how much the rent was I couldn’t believe it; after having looked at so many properties in USC’s inflated housing market, the Montgomery House is the only true value I’ve found in this neighborhood to date. Without a doubt, after all the experiences I’ve had with housing since moving to Los Angeles for school, the Montgomery House is the best situation I’ve landed in from comfort to price to location.”

The Carriage House

“My brother and I have been living in the “Carriage House” for more than a semester now, and thus far it has been nothing short of a great experience. This is not your run-of-the-mill ‘student housing.’ Between the quality of the apartment itself, its cleanliness, and the level of communication with the Robinsons, it is definitely a cut above the rest. The Carriage House feels like a real apartment, a far cry from most of the cookie-cutter options in the area. It’s really hard to explain, but it really does feel more like a home than it does a place ‘where I live when I am at school.’

“This is all coming from a person who has tried every other kind of housing around USC from Trojan Housing, both on campus and off, to renting a house with some friends. They were all fine enough places, but they also came with their fair share of headaches, something I certainly have not had here. As I said, The Carriage House, and Robinson Residences as landlords, are a cut above the rest.”

Weston House

“I’m a transplant from the Midwest. I didn’t know what to expect coming to Los Angeles, but living at the Weston House has made the transition much easier than I thought it would be. Having a house full of grad students gives you a built-in group of people to hang out with, but it also creates an environment that’s conducive to the long nights of studying and working that grad school often requires.

“I looked extensively at places to live around USC’s campus and the Weston House is the best value you can find. The house is beautiful. The rooms are spacious. Plus there’s gated parking in back, and the house is cleaned regularly. I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve spent here and would recommend it to any grad student looking for an affordable, quiet place to live.”

Woodcraft Manor

“After living in Woodcraft Manor for two years, I absolutely recommend renting through Robinson Residences. The homes are beautiful and comfortable, and the Robinsons take such great care of the properties. They are responsive to any questions and concerns and make renting simple and stress-free. There are so many benefits to living in one of these homes- they are decently priced while close to campus, have on-site parking, and include weekly cleanings of the common areas, to name a few. I have met many of my best friends through Woodcraft, and have only positive things to say after two years here.”

Griffith Hall

“I live in Griffith hall, on the third floor, and this is my very first year in LA, and I could not imagine a better place to live my first year. Griffith Hall is beautiful, well located, and safe, making it ideal for USC students. It felt good knowing I would always have a place to park, both my car and bike, knowing they would be safe. The building is always clean and the Robinson Residences staff are friendly and always willing to reach out and help. Overall, A+ and a definite recommendation to anyone.”

Wallace House

“I thought I’d tell you why I liked living here.

“After I had this horrid experience living at another complex, I wanted something with an administration that actually listened when I had problems. The place I lived at before was too big to adequately handle all my problems, and I was also paying as much as I would to live on campus with a meal-plan while having to share a room and pay for my own groceries and parking. It was horrible.

“My dad ended up finding your site for me while I was looking for a new place to live and after I saw the house for the first time I was infatuated. And even though I’m leaving to live closer to a few of my friends, I’m actually sad since I’ve grown so attached to this house and this room. I honestly loved it here.”


Griffith Hall

“I have lived at Griffith Hall for a little over two-and-a-half years and have enjoyed my time here. It is in a convenient area near USC. I have never felt uncomfortable or had safety issues inside the residence. The building is older, but well-maintained. Jim and Janice are wonderful landlords and always respond promptly to e-mails. If I had any issues with the apartment (i.e. internet access, laundry machines), they were typically resolved that same day.”

Arabella’s House

“On the property: Robinson Residences are doing a wonderfully important thing in the community just north of USC. The homes they have taken under their care have been restored to a strong standard, and the original intricacies are left preserved for students to enjoy. The history surrounding the area is little known to its inhabitants; I wasn’t aware of it until I lived in a RR home. Each home under Robinson Residences’ care is a part of the decorated history of this once affluent and grandiose neighborhood.

“On the management: Jim and Janice are by far the most professional team I’ve encountered in my time at USC. Having lived in housing under the care of large companies, management firms, and a husband-and-wife team, it almost seems counter-intuitive to say that the smaller is better at what they do compared to the others; but, Jim and Janice have been wonderful landlords and have taken care of us in a kind and professional manner. I’m thrilled to have lived in a home managed by them, and couldn’t think of a better housing situation to sign off my USC career.

“On the area: It’s no secret that the area is not quite what it used to be in its glory days. Thankfully, though, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there is nothing at all to be concerned about. I can recall nights that I’ve walked home as late as 3AM to nothing but a cat crossing the road. Safety is not an issue at all.

“On the “commute”: Having told classmates that I live a mile north of campus I was met with a resounding gasp at the prospect of having to travel such a “long way”. Thankfully, I love the walk to campus. It’s an easy 20 minutes from Hoover/Jefferson, and features walks past the beautiful Art of Living Center, St. James Park and the brand new Our Savior Church. Fortunately, for those less inclined for physical activity, there is a conveniently located USC Tram Stop close to the residence.”

Griffith Hall

“Living at Griffith Hall is very convenient. It’s nice to not have to worry about driving to campus and paying for parking. The rooms are large and have nice modern appliances and plenty of storage space. We’ve also been fortunate to become good friends with other residents in the building.”

The Colonel’s Mansion

“Living at the Colonel’s Mansion provided a comfortable, quiet escape to come home to everyday during graduate school. The landlords are professional and courteous which helped make the experience stress-free. The house atmosphere was far more pleasant than any student housing I’d experienced before.”

Woodcraft Manor

“If you are looking around the USC area for a nice place to live at a decent price, I would recommend checking out one of the Robinson Residence properties. My experience living at the Woodcraft Manor has been a positive one, and I have found Jim and Janice to be responsive and altogether good landlords. They are receptive to any problems that may arise and fix issues in a timely manner. One week, the light switch broke in my room and the Robinson’s had it replaced within a couple days. In L.A. it can be hard to find an affordable living situation in a nice property, especially one that includes amenities like parking. However, the Robinsons have been able to provide just that, and I would recommend their properties to anyone looking in the area.”

Griffith Hall

“I have lived in Griffith Hall for two years while attending grad school at USC. Griffith Hall is smartly divided into individual and shared apartments that are nice and part of a well-kept building; Griffith Hall is much nicer than many other apartments I have seen in the area. Parking, internet, and water are included in the rent and electricity is pretty minimal ($30-$40 per person for two months), making Griffith Hall a good deal for the USC area.

“The USC “A Route” tram has a stop that is only a block away and is very convenient for getting to campus and back, or the bike ride is only 5-10 min or a 20-30 min walk. Also, there are two good restaurants and a corner store very close by: the 23rd Street Cafe and Bacaro LA (a wine bar with great food). I am happy that I chose to live here while attending USC and think it is one of the best living options for USC that does not involve a commute.”

Montgomery House

“Jim and Janice are by far the most understanding and helpful people to work with. I hear so many horror stories of my friends and their living situations with inattentive and difficult management, but the Robinsons are none of that. Janice and Jim actually care about the properties they own and are more than willing to make your stay one of the most enjoyable and easy living experiences. Unlike most of the housing in University Park, their residences are extraordinarily up kept, much thanks to the included cleaning staff and the consistent maintenance both Janice and Jim are willing to spend their time on whenever needed. If you have a problem, the Robinsons will work on it within a day. They are organized, friendly, and hardworking, making your stay at any of the Robinson Residences a memorable one.”

Wallace House

“I’m currently living at the Wallace House as a senior studying Business at USC. I really enjoy living here because it’s not too far from campus and very spacious. The rent is also low relative to many of the other housing options near USC. Biking from the Wallace House to USC (Hoover Street entrance) takes less than 10 minutes. My apartment-mates and I each have our own room, and we share the kitchen, dining room, and bathroom. Our rooms are all very large with an air conditioner/heater, which is super useful when it gets really hot or cold. There is free parking, and bike stands in a gated area so that bikes won’t get stolen. There is also a laundry machine right next to the house, which is really convenient. Although we pay for our own utilities (wifi, electricity, gas), we normally don’t pay more than $30 per person a month.

“I think one of the main things I appreciate about living at the Wallace House is the fact that all problems are dealt with within 24-48 hours. For example, if a lightbulb goes out or if the toilet gets clogged, the landlords are always super-fast with responding to our problem and resolving the issue. It’s really easy to get a hold of the landlords, as they are really communicative and live across the street.

“The neighborhood feels safe as there are many students living on Scarff Street. In fact, some of my close friends live down the street. There are also many USC students living in the Wallace House, and I’ve gotten to know a lot of them. Also, the Wallace House is really close to Ralph’s (a few minutes’ drive or 5-minute bike ride), which makes it really convenient to get groceries. The Wallace House is also within the USC free Uber radius (from 7pm-2am every day), so I can easily take a free Uber from campus back to my apartment if I don’t feel like biking at night.

“Overall, I would recommend living at the Wallace House because of its affordable rent, nice amenities, and location!”

Griffith Hall

“I would be glad to say a few words about living here. Parking and internet included in each month’s rent is a great feature. The house is very well kept and all the rooms are very spacious. An easy bike ride to USC, local restaurants and grocery stores.”

Woodcraft Manor

“I highly recommend Robinson Residences for housing during your time at USC. When I was searching for housing before my move from the east coast, I was so nervous about finding something affordable that was close to campus. I was worried that I was going to be taken advantage of, especially since I was unfamiliar with the area, but I was so grateful to stumble across an ad for the Robinsons in the Daily Trojan and secure a spot at Woodcraft Manor.

“The Robinsons are amazing landlords who truly care about providing a great living experience for their tenants. Janice is so responsive to questions, comments, and concerns about issues with the property, and, if something does break, Jim promptly accompanies a professional to the property to address the problem. The gated parking provides such peace of mind against theft and moving your vehicle for street cleaning, and the included housekeeping services by Rosa (the sweetest woman alive) keep the common areas clean when the housemates get busy with school.

“The location of their properties is so convenient for USC students and young professionals working in the Koreatown and Downtown area, and most of the homes are within a five to ten minute walk to the Metro Expo rail line that can take you all across other areas of the city, including Santa Monica, north DTLA, and Hollywood. As a student working and attending class at both USC’s University Park campus and at a USC-affiliated building downtown, the convenience is unparalleled.

“My housemates have become my closest friends since moving here, and I owe it all to a stress-free living situation at Woodcraft Manor. I will miss this area, my room, and my community at Woodcraft dearly.”

Griffith Hall

“When my friends hear that I live on West 21st Street, their first comment is invariably: ‘But that’s so far from campus!’ However, when they actually come over and see where I live, they understand why I’ve chosen Griffith Hall.

“I may not be able to roll out of bed at 7:50 a.m. to make an 8 a.m. class, but what the house lacks in proximity to campus, it makes up for in every other way.

“Rather than dividing a tiny space among five people, I have a huge, spacious, well-lit room all to myself. I share my kitchen and bathroom with only one suite-mate, so I have all the privacy and autonomy that I want. The bathroom offers the best shower I’ve had at any place I’ve lived, including my childhood suburban home! The water gets warm immediately and stays warm as long as I want it to, and the pressure is perfect.

“The house itself also meets all my needs. It is always clean, well-maintained, and safe. It’s an ideal environment for the student that likes to have fun on campus but still wants to be able to come home to a quiet place for studying and sleeping!

“It’s also worth mentioning that the Robinsons are very easy to contact and respond quickly to any and all issues at Griffith Hall. They clearly care about all their properties and their residents.

“These are just some of the reasons that I’ve chosen to live at Griffith Hall for all three years of my education at USC, and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking an amazing living experience at an equally amazing price.”


Arabella’s House

“The Robinsons are always very helpful and sweet to their tenants! In the USC area, there are many housing companies that try to take advantage of college students, but Janice and Jim are always fair. They reply right away when there’s an issue and they always do their best to fix the situation. For Christmas, they even sent us a goodie basket with different candies and snacks! You don’t get treatment like that with other landlords.”

The Carriage House

“The Carriage House is a piece of paradise and a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown Las Angeles. My rental truly feels like a home with spacious rooms and beautiful architecture that I look forward to returning to each night. The property is extemporarily maintained, and if I ever need a repair the Robinsons promptly get it done. Gated parking is included, so I never have to worry about finding street parking. I feel like I am getting significantly more value for money than my friends are. I’m also proud that my rent helps to preserve the history of the West Adams neighborhood. To be completely honest, I don’t think I could be happier.”

Montgomery House

“The Montgomery House is a cozy space great for students. It’s beautiful, convenient, comes with plenty of room for parking, and reasonably priced. The spacious rooms and back yard give the house a very large feel, which is great for having guests over. And the antique architecture and large open windows really make it feel like home. It’s also conveniently located by restaurants, cafes, and a gas station and only a short drive from Down Town LA. I definitely recommend this house to students looking for comfortable and affordable housing.”

Weston House

“Weston House is a great place to live! The rooms are large, the kitchen and bathrooms are in good shape, and the house is very nicely finished with gleaming wood trim. My room even has vaulted ceilings, a chandelier, and an intricate fireplace mantle that give it a grand feeling. The floors do squeak some and it can feel a bit far from campus at night, but in terms of living in style and comfort it is as good as you can get on a grad student budget. Gated parking in the back is also a nice aspect.”

Griffith Hall

“I’ve been living at Griffith Hall for 4 years now and I love it. I live in a twin studio where my roommate and I share a kitchen and a bathroom, but have two separate entrances into our bedrooms. As a result, I enjoy much more privacy than my friends who live in student housing around USC. The rooms are nice, and the building is very quiet. Most residents prefer to bike to campus. While the building is slightly farther away from campus than other student living options, I prefer to walk, and I’ve never had an issue getting to class on time. On days when I am running late, the free campus shuttle has a stop a block away from the building. I have had very few issues with the electricity, internet, and other maintenance issues while living here, and they’ve all been resolved within a week, usually within 2 days. As a cheaper alternative to USC housing, this is very convenient and enjoyable student living.”

Wallace House

“Living in the Wallace House has been the best housing experience I have had while at USC. The Robinsons have done an amazing job preserving this historic house. It is inviting, spacious, and charming. For housing around USC, I don’t know of any better option. My roommates and I love it!

“Additionally, leasing from the Robinsons has been an absolute breeze. They are professional, responsive, and seem to genuinely care about their tenants and their homes. If I weren’t graduating, I would absolutely live here again!”

Montgomery House

“My experience renting from the Robinsons is unmatched in the USC area. They provide beautiful and good quality housing that is close to campus and local restaurants, but isn’t overpriced like a lot of the other properties around here. They are thoughtful and have made my junior year housing experience a breeze! Plus, they are so nice to us – they even brought us a basket filled with treats for Christmas! “

Ryan McWillliams

Woodcraft Manor

“Living in a Robinson Residence the past two years has been a great experience for me. Thanks to Janice and Jim, everything is made simple: they are always easy to get in touch with and yet also give you (and your fellow residents) the freedom and space to really make the house your own. Woodcraft Manor has been a wonderful and stress-free place to live during my graduate studies – nowhere else can you find such beautiful homes managed by such great landlords!”

Montgomery House

“It’s difficult to overstate the importance of having an enjoyable home to return to at the end of the day. Montgomery House has amply fulfilled that need for me over the past year. On the outside it is nothing short of beautiful ,and on the inside it is majestic and welcoming. Its awe-inspiring Victorian architecture never fails to remind me of the decades of history that have added to its character. It is a simultaneously spacious and cozy living space. And with regard to upkeep, the weekly visits of the housekeeper and gardener ensure that the space we live in is consistently tidy and livable. It has been without a doubt the best housing situation I’ve had at USC.”

Woodcraft Manor

“As an international student, the prospect of not only moving to a new country but to a new continent was very daunting. I’d heard a number of horror stories about landlords around USC, and students (particularly international students) who had suffered as a result of being exploited or being unfamiliar with the legal process. I cannot believe my luck with the amazing residential experience I have had with the Robinsons. I found out about the Robinsons through a friend, and I am so grateful that she referred me. The house is beautiful, the rates are incredibly reasonable, we are close to campus, and also we live very close to our landlords. The experience has been so pleasant that I have lived in Woodcraft Manor for two years, and I only have great things to say.

“The Robinsons are so attentive, warm, welcoming, and practical. They respond immediately to any queries, and they are only a few blocks away should you need to discuss anything in person. The quality of living is excellent – not only are the rooms beautiful, but the house is cleaned once a week (by the lovely Rosa, who is a joy to see every Thursday), the gardens are tended to, and we have free parking (all included in the rent). My room was renovated while I was out of the country, and I didn’t have to pay rent for the month that it was being redecorated. Also, we received a beautiful Christmas hamper from the Robinsons! I also feel so fortunate that I was able to live in a historical manor house (designed by a famous architect) for such a reasonable price in comparison to the area.

“But the best part of the past two years has been feeling safe, settled, and knowing that I can trust my landlords. As an international student, the last thing you need is instability. The Robinsons are so trustworthy and supportive, and they made the house a home away from home. I am sad to be leaving Woodcraft – I will never forget my time here, it’s been filled with happy memories.”

Montgomery House

“As a college student who will soon be going into their third year residing in a Robinson residence, I am an avid fan. I always find myself in shock that the Montgomery house is over 110 years old because of how well it is maintained. The Robinson’s are always attentive and never intrusive. Problems are fixed as soon as they are brought to their attention, allowing me to focus on my studies rather than worry about the upkeep of what has become my home. They are a pleasure to interact with and have our best interests at heart.”

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