Leasing in Person or Online

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Leasing in Person or Online

Good news! You can lease from us in person or online!

To view our properties, just call (213) 663-3023 and make an appointment. If you aren’t in the Los Angeles area, you can arrange for a trusted friend to come instead.

Please remember that we need to notify our current residents at least a day in advance. You wouldn’t want us walking in on YOU unannounced!

If you aren’t able to visit in advance, we offer as much information as possible on our web site, including floor plans, room sizes and a photo of each room, so you’ll feel confident renting on line. Of course, you’re welcome to ask us any questions – by phone, text or email.

Either way, once you decide to rent from us, here’s how it works:

1)On our web site, using the “How to Lease” button, choose “Application to Lease” and fill in the interactive form. Note that the rental term begins August 16 and ends on August 15 of the following year.
2)Print the completed form and sign it.
3)Scan or clearly photograph the signed form and email it as an attachment to: [email protected].
4)Email a clear copy of your photo identification (driver’s license or passport).
5)Pay the $25 application fee – which is non-refundable – by clicking on the PayPal button near the bottom of the online application form.

NOTE: If you don’t have a U.S. Social Security Number, please email a document proving your attendance at USC, such as an acceptance letter.

If two or more people are applying to rent together, each applicant must submit a separate application form, application fee and photo ID.

We process applications immediately and will notify you of the result. We don’t expect university students to have much credit, if any, but we run credit checks because, very rarely, we meet a student whose record indicates financial irresponsibility.

Once we approve your application, we’ll email you:

Your Lease and House Rules. You’ll need to sign them and email them back.
Instructions for paying your security deposit, equal to one month’s rent.

We’ll sign the documents and email a fully signed set back to you. At that point, the unit is considered rented to you and it will be taken off the market.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have decided to rent from us, we recommend acting as quickly as possible. Remember that all our rental units will continue to be advertised and available – first come, first served – until the leasing process is complete.

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Owners: Jim & Janice Robinson
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